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Tint World® earns high marks with 830 FUND™ Score from FRANdata

Leading automotive accessory franchise has access to thousands of lenders for franchisee financing

Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers™, a leading window tinting and automotive accessory franchise, has been named a Verified Franchise Registry member by FRANdata, a leader in strategic analysis, forecasting and measuring of franchise performance.

As a verified member, Tint World® has access to FRANdata information offering insight into the franchise market and helping with future strategic planning. FUND™, the franchise credit scoring system, uses a proprietary model based on key performance indicators from a credit risk perspective. There are 13 credit risk categories of a franchise brand that are also evaluated, based on public information. Closely tied to the credit risk inherent in a franchise system, they are used to measure a franchise system’s credit worthiness. The FUND™ score, with its accompanying report, is the best predictor of the future performance of a franchise system that publicly available information can provide.

Tint World® has been a member of the Franchise Registry for 10 years, and currently holds a FUND™ Score of 830, putting them in the top tier of scores.

“At Tint World®, we love to see our franchise grow and prosper,” said Charles J. Bonfiglio, CEO and president of Tint World®. “Being a FRANdata member not only gives our franchisees access to thousands of lenders, but it helps guide their decision to partner with a brand that is healthy, successful and continuing to expand across the globe. This is another piece of our winning equation at Tint World®, ensuring our franchise continues to be at the top of the industry.”

FRANdata specializes in market research and consultation. By providing information and perspective, FRANdata studies industry dynamics and market climates to understand credit risks. FRANdata also helps educate franchisors on how to understand and improve their credit risk profile and FUND™ Score.

“Tint World® has been a strong supporter of FRANdata for 10 years,” said Sharon Dietrich, Director of Sales at FRANdata. “As verified members, they have shown lenders they are proactive and determined, helping franchisees get the financing they need to succeed. It also shows they understand the franchise lending process, and the importance of the FUND™ score.”

Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers™ offer sales and installation of auto accessories, mobile electronics, audio video equipment, security systems, custom wheels and tire packages, window tinting, vehicle wraps, paint protection films, detailing services, nano ceramic coatings, maintenance and repair services, and more.

About Tint World® 
Founded in 1982, Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers™ is America’s largest and fastest growing automotive accessories and window tinting international franchise, specializing in car and truck accessories, mobile electronics, audio video equipment, security systems, detailing services, nano ceramic coatings, custom wheel and tire packages, maintenance, and repair services.

Tint World® services include residential, commercial, and marine window tinting films, solar films, decorative films, safety, and security films. Tint World® has locations in the United StatesCanadaSaudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, with master franchise opportunities available worldwide. To find out more, please visit or

About FRANdata
FRANdata is the leader in the strategic analysis, forecasting and measuring of franchise performance.  FRANdata runs the Franchise Registry ( where some 9000+ lender members, representing more than 3000 lending institutions, obtain credit risk information that helps them get to “yes” quickly, structure franchise loans properly, and document their loan files fully. Used by some of the most active franchise lenders in the industry, the Franchise Registry is dedicated to supporting franchisors and their franchisees to make franchise financing as easy and as fast as possible and with the best terms.

Tint World® Contact:  
Charles J. Bonfiglio, CEO 
(800) 767-8468

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*This press release originally appeared on PRNewswire on April 14, 2021. You can view it here. You can also view it on the Tint World website here.

SpeedPro Granted Verified Franchise Registry Member Status

SpeedPro was granted Verified Franchise Registry Member status by FRANdata, the leading facilitator of franchisee capital access. Franchise Registry Verified Members are franchisors committed to supporting their franchisees’ need to access capital. With this partnership, SpeedPro can access business and franchise insight to maximize operations, development and enhance strategic plans.

With access to FRANdata, SpeedPro has a new way to support their franchisees. The Franchise Registry allows SpeedPro and lenders to connect and streamline the financing process. Because of the quick access to the current SpeedPro Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), lenders can make more informed and faster decisions on loan opportunities.

“We’re excited to be a verified member of the FRANdata Franchise Registry,” says SpeedPro COO Paul Brewster. “FRANdata is a trusted resource for our Studios in research, capital acquisition and all things franchising.”

FRANdata specializes in research, allowing SpeedPro to further understand the industry and franchisee performance.

“We are thrilled SpeedPro achieved verified member status. Being a verified Franchise Registry member informs lenders that a franchisor has a vested interest and cares about their franchisee’s ability to get financing,” said Marla Ray, Capital Access Advisor at FRANdata. “Lenders will know that they have an engaged franchisor making the financing process smoother and more efficient.”

*This press release originally appeared on WhatTheyTh!nk, which you can view here.

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FRANdata Forecasts Franchise Industry Growth Expected to Remain Strong Despite Uncertain Economy

  • In 2020, the number of franchise establishments is expected to increase by 1.5% to 785,316.
  • Franchise employment is forecast to increase by 2.8% to 8.67 million, adding a total of 232 thousand jobs.
  • Franchise output in nominal dollars is projected to improve by 4.1% to $819.57 billion in 2020.

Arlington, VA February 7, 2020/PRWEB/ — Leading research and advisory firm FRANdata provided its annual industry forecast for economic growth to the International Franchise Association (IFA) last week. The report predicts the franchise industry will continue to ride the economic boom in 2020.

“We forecast that most franchise businesses will sustain robust growth in 2020, especially in the personal services, quick service and full-service restaurant segments,” Says Darrell Johnson, CEO of FRANdata. “Franchising will continue to play a major role as a driver for growth in our economy.”

Franchise businesses especially influence state economies through job creation, promotion of output, and GDP contribution. According to the report, the states that will see the most franchise establishments and employment growth in 2020 ranked in order are: Texas, Colorado, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Nevada. Overall, franchise business development will continue to increase in the South and West due to growing populations, state-level economic policies and favorable business tax climates.

“The franchise industry continues to pride itself on its positive impacts on communities across America.” Said Robert Cresanti, IFA’s President and CEO. “We are very excited to showcase these opportunities in our annual Economic Outlook Report. Locally-owned franchises are America’s hidden small businesses and this new report demonstrates their impact nationwide and, in every state.”

In order to fully study the total impact of franchising to the economy, FRANdata examined macroeconomic trends and the historical performance of all franchise brands operating in the United States, over a ten-year period and across all major industries. For state level franchising activity, FRANdata analysts calculated each state’s franchise establishments, employment, and output for a 3-year and estimated each state’s contributions to the franchise industry for 2019 and forecasted for 2020.

Access the full report here

Access the executive summary here

About FRANdata:

FRANdata is the leading independent research and advisory company focusing on those companies that use the franchise business model and their performance. Leveraging the largest database of franchise information in the world, FRANdata provides market insights and actionable intelligence to help their clients make smarter business decisions. FRANdata is proud to be a strategic partner of the International Franchise Association (IFA) and continues to provide research and advisory services to both franchisors and companies who want to supply goods or services to the franchise market. FRANdata is often cited as an expert in such leading media as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. Additional information is available on the company’s website,

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Forbes Best & Worst Franchises 2019

Forbes commissioned FRANdata yet again to analyze the over 3200 franchise brands in the United States. We measured them according to 5 main criteria which Forbes deemed important for prospective franchise investors to measure– system sustainability, system demand, value for investment, franchisor support, and franchisor stability. The value for investment score is comprised of various components including the ratio of sales to initial investment, transparency into franchisees’ operating expenses and potential profitability, and the level of support the franchisor provides to franchisees.

Abrigo teams up with FRANdata to bolster access to franchise data

Abrigo, the leading technology provider of compliance, credit risk, and lending solutions for community financial institutions, today announced its partnership with FRANdata, an industry leader in strategic analysis, forecasting, and measuring of franchise performance operations.

ReadyCap Launches Military Veteran Franchise Lending Program (MVP)

In support of the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Veteran’s week, ReadyCap Lending, a leading non-bank small business lender, is proud to announce an exclusive military veteran franchise SBA lending program.

Celtic Bank Integrates FRANdata’s Franchise Performance Scoring and Methodology

Celtic Bank is integrating FRANdata’s proven franchise scoring system (FUND Score) into their franchise portfolio management system. This integration ensures that both franchisees and franchisors who do business with Celtic Bank will benefit from franchise loans that are administered faster, are more transparent, and most importantly, adapted to the way franchises operate.