Measuring Strategic Worth

Sizing the Franchise Market

Many suppliers approach the franchising space without a full understanding of the industry’s makeup, rendering their strategies and products less effective or relevant.  Suppliers who want to enter the market or grow by selling to the franchise market need a plan of action that focuses specifically on their needs.  The franchise system does not fit the typical business mold and often times the supplier who seeks to target the franchise industry falls flat by trying to handle it as they would any other b to b market.

At FRANdata, we leverage our expertise in franchising to help clients, who provide products services to the franchise community, approach the market more effectively. Through lead generation opportunities found within our database of contact lists and franchise data, proprietary competitive analysis, and a comprehensive identification of the ideal prospects, we support our supplier clients with resources that remain useful long after our work is delivered.


  • Assess risks and challenges within industries and assist suppliers in developing an intelligent strategy to avoid or mitigate obstacles
  • Analyze product designs, service offerings, and market strategies for areas of improvement to give suppliers a competitive edge in selling specifically to franchise companies
  • Go-to-market consultation for capturing new customers
  • Provide overview of franchising, inclusive of industry trends, risks, challenges, and emerging regulatory issues

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